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Gallery Folders

Rough day at work by Peachems
What's with the sleepy face? by Peachems
Farewell Autumn Garden by Ikanu96
3D Art
Afterlife by headstert
Mary Between Worlds by Pokie-Punk
Ran Yakumo by DeadShadow38
Come with me! by headstert
Animations and Games
{Flash Animation} Oh Cirno, Don't Be Such A (9)! by AquaOshawott01
Hammerjet by Iormi
Marisa Fight Test by AquaOshawott01
Flying Cirno (Animation) by kisamelou23
Comic Strips
SHABD Page 7 by Vulpeca
Triangular Equilibrium : Chapter 4 page 10 by Generalmaster
Triangular Equilibrium : Chapter 4 page 9 by Generalmaster
Triangular Equilibrium : Chapter 4 page 8 by Generalmaster
Digital Art
Rage Jr Gensokyo Travel 7 by RageVX
EX 3 by RageVX
Shade practise 3- Yuuka Kazami by Vyrien
Touhou - Faith Trio by VenomousBlaze
Digital Art II
.:Scarlet Sister:. by stingybee
The misfortune by oKotuy
Touhou ~ Kaguya^2 by resurrexia
Touhou Chibi ~ Flandre by resurrexia
Digital Art III
Daily Doodle 57 by bramhistory
Satori Komeji by Lui421
Shou genderbend by Savi95
Medicine Melancholy by Gneppy
Digital Art IV
9/9/15 by chibi-scribble
sei runs by chibi-scribble
Yuugi Hoshiguma by EvilCoco95
Origami by Azumikun
Linearts Digital
Kanako by XxchibifangirlxX
999999999 by J15Camilo
Request - Hecatia Lapislazuli by tinkatiranor
Touhou Project by Iormi
Patchouli Knowledge - Touhou Project by Linamohl
Patchouli Knowledge - Touhou Project by Linamohl
Reisen Udongein Inaba by jurisdictia
Reisen Udongein Inaba by jurisdictia
Chenrawr icon by Guuchama
kotohim by Vaanill4
Sara RMXP-Style Sprite by VirusChris
.:RED-WHITE SHRINE MAIDEN:. by ReimuHakurei2
Traditional Art
Iku Nagae by AwesomelyObnoxious
Parsee by TheMandril2323
Hisoka And Flan by RemyFive
Fujiwara no Mokou by AwesomelyObnoxious
Traditional Art II
Awooo by tinkatiranor
Hecatia Lapis Lazuli by thaiglasses
Byakuren Zenyatta fusion by thaiglasses
Fusions and Lapiz by thaiglasses
Past Contests
Contest - Steampunk
Mechanical Moon by SinistrosePhosphate
Steampunk Suwako by sylphan
Station C 4 1 3 by KeroTohoFan

Mature Content

Sanae by Aiykawa

Mature Content

Cp6SgslUsAAiEaS by amaamakamikami

Mature Content

Sunny X Cirno by KitsuneYin

Mature Content

Flan X Remi 1 by KitsuneYin
I've been wondering when the next folder would hit it's limit and it seems it is the Traditional Art folder this time.

I've been gone for the weekend so there was lots of approving to do, I've approved what was needed, I didn't do anything with the Traditional Art entries.

If you happen to have a submit waiting to be approved and is a Traditional Art entry, please redraw and resubmit to the Traditional Art II folder!
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Random from Featured

We are Touhou-Club!!

We are the biggest Touhou community on dA. We actively encourage members to draw and celebrate Touhou, as well as to create new friendships through a common interest: the best shmup there is.

Hope you enjoy your stay here~ =w=d

:bulletwhite: Be nice to each other, obviously.

:bulletwhite: Respect everybody here, regardless of their opinion.

:bulletwhite: Haters, just leave us be. If you don't like it here, just go away. That solves the problem for both you and us.

:bulletwhite: As of now, Adult oriented drawings but ONLY if it's tagged as Mature Content.

:bulletwhite:We do NOT approve of artwork that has either been traced/copied/stolen, or artwork that could provoke any form of hatred. We only accept artwork done by the artist. That means, we don't allow: Walfas art, photomanipulations done with Photoshop, MSPaint or any other picture editing software, desktop screenshots, Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh! or any other kind of cards style of images, wallpapers or signature banners. We don't allow OCs (Original Characters). Muros are allowed.

:bulletwhite: If you have a problem, with with the group or a member, please screen shot and show it to us. That way, we can have a clear layout of a technical problem, or an unbiased view of a fall out.

:bulletwhite: No more than 3 deviations per day. To avoid inbox spam.

:bulletwhite: We have multiple folders for different art mediums. Please submit to the correct folder.

:bulletwhite: Due to many people not looking where they submit, if we notice that you submit anything in the 3D Art folder that is NOT 3D, we will ignore your submit letting it expire.

:bulletwhite: Joining and leaving the club after submitting art is shown as disrespect towards a club and therefor your art will not be accepted.

:bulletwhite: Enjoy~
Touhou (c) ZUN
Artwork (c) respective artists
Blog and avatar artwork (c) respective artists


Hey hey! Come talk to us if you need anything!

Yukari (Admin)


Ran (Co-Admin)


Prismrivers (Music Team)





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